A fine glass for the New Year

I’m becoming far more selective about the kind of glass that I use or like to be offered, especially for particularly good wines. Elegant glasses with no frills and fine lines tend to catch my eye and, although my personal selection is far from extensive, I try to use a glass to suit a wine style be it Champagne, sherry, a fine white Burgundy or a richly aromatic Pinot Noir.

Recently I was invited to a presentation by glassware makers Riedel to mark the launch of its new tasting kit – The Key to Wine. Comprising five glasses of different shapes and sizes, the kit is designed to show how the choice of glass can really make a difference to the enjoyment of wine. See what I wrote about it for Wine Business International’s latest issue in the About section of this website.

Here are a few more tips on glassware:

1. I personally prefer clear glassware which allows the wine to be totally visible.

2. Though delicate, thin glass is more elegant and the glass should be tapered towards the rim to trap the aromas.

3. If you are only using one glass, choose one that is a reasonable size.

4. Wash fine glassware by hand and rinse well. Dry glasses with a clean dry cloth.

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