A potentially great vintage for Spain in 2019

All across Spain and indeed many other European wine regions there was much excitement about the quality of the grapes in the 2019 harvest. This was thanks to good summer weather and, mostly imporantly, favourable autumn weather which allowed growers to pick grapes at optimum ripeness. Now it’s over to the winemakers to make the […]

Languedoc-Roussillon: fine wine and food in the deep south

In June this year I visited the Languedoc-Roussillon region to learn more about the wine and food of France’s largest wine region. Find out what the Languedoc-Roussion offers – from fine sparkling, red and sweet wines and delicious local gastronomy to charming Roman cities, ancient fortresses, scenic fishing ports and a stunning interior –  by reading my […]

Verona Blog 2: Risotto all’Amarone

Risotto all’Amarone recipe… By Gabriele Ferron For four people: 400g Vialone Nano rice or good quality risotto rice 900ml chicken stock 300ml Amarone* (just under half a bottle) 30g red onion, finely chopped 40g extra virgin olive oil 60g parmesan cheese (or Monte Veronese) A knob of butter Seasoning as required Method: Fry the onion […]