A potentially great vintage for Spain in 2019

All across Spain and indeed many other European wine regions there was much excitement about the quality of the grapes in the 2019 harvest. This was thanks to good summer weather and, mostly imporantly, favourable autumn weather which allowed growers to pick grapes at optimum ripeness. Now it’s over to the winemakers to make the […]

Languedoc-Roussillon: fine wine and food in the deep south

In June this year I visited the Languedoc-Roussillon region to learn more about the wine and food of France’s largest wine region. Find out what the Languedoc-Roussion offers – from fine sparkling, red and sweet wines and delicious local gastronomy to charming Roman cities, ancient fortresses, scenic fishing ports and a stunning interior –  by reading my […]

Ratatouille recipe

The basic ingredients for ratatouille, the classic French vegetable dish, are all in season: aubergine, courgettes, red peppers and tomatoes. So why not try this tasty and versatile dish? Here’s my version: Ingredients: 4-5 tablespoons of olive oil or more if required Two medium onions, sliced Two cloves of garlic, finely chopped One large aubergine or […]

Horse power: Mas Amiel and Maury

I find it rather therapeutic when I occasionally see horses being used in the vineyard, particularly in Europe where machine power has long been the norm. Some producers are reverting to using horses (or mules) in  Priorat in Spain and other regions where steep terraces makes the use of machines almost impossible. Horses have also been […]